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Position: Client Relations & Research

Skills: Communication, Networking, Business Strategy, Photography, Content Creation

Background: Business Management & Content Creator based in Atlanta, GA

"I began professionally as a photographer & videographer after attending university, but quickly moved towards working in managerial-type positions, like here at Moxie!


I love having the ability to oversee various projects and dip my toes into differing graphical mediums - further growing my own understanding of this great space."



Position: Client Research & A&R

Skills: Research, Sales Strategy, Communication, Print Design, Guitar
Background: Musician & Print Designer from San Diego, CA

"Since I was a kid, I've always had a passion for the digital arts. My introduction to Photoshop started at the age of 11 when I was tasked with creating some promotional artwork for a gaming community I was apart of. I very quickly fell in love with the process. I combined my knowledge of computers & desire to create art into one enjoyable medium. For me, it was the perfect way to clear my mind & learn something new.


As I got older, I decided to further my education by attending Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, NV. It was there I formed my first, only & current band, Anti-Vision ( It was here that my love for music & graphic design started to blossom together. I learned (through trial and error) how to successfully create high-quality designs & ready them for printing.

After years of designing solely for the band & friends, I have decided to branch out into new frontiers. In an ideal world, I would like to make a living with my skill set... but more importantly, continue to do what makes me happy."

Image by Flavio Gasperini
Image by Rocco Dipoppa


Position: Client Research

Skills: Research, Networking, Unique Perspective, Musician, Professional Concert Go-er
Background: Musician from Detroit, MI

"Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit really gave me access to a diverse range of culture and art.


I was always able to stumble across something new and completely different from what I was jammin` the week before.


Whether I was digging through dusty crates full of vinyls in my grandma's basement or browsing the CD aisle at f.y.e., finding new music to listen to was (and still is today) one of my favorite things to do.


I've also been playing guitar for 10 years and was previously in a band."


Fun Fact: Griffin has attended over 50 concerts!

Image by Noah van de Wetering
Image by
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