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Position: Director of Delivery

Skills: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Working Under Pressure, Photography & Editing, Directing, Unique Perspective

Background: Photographer from Detroit, MI

Hey, I'm Matt. a Photographer & Visual Artist based in Detroit, MI.


I specialize in portraiture with experience in artist & music marketing. Using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop I bring concepts to life, with a unique perspective. I have worked with some of the biggest Hip Hop artists in my city, as well as small town models with a one of a kind style. Emotional connection & response is an important virtue of my work. I continue to dive deeper into myself and work to better represent humanity in every shot.

Photo Apr 08, 12 59 48 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 25, 16 20 18.jpg
Photo Sep 25, 19 06 25.jpg


Position: Music Ind. Project Lead

Skills: Business Management & Strategy

Background: Grew his own Music Project to over 150,000,000 streams worldwide
On top of working as a Project Lead for Moxie Art Co., he is a Marketing Director for our Audio Production company, Moxie Audio

In the face of his growing success and 100 million streams under his belt, Christiansson remains noticeably humble. He works on frequent collaborations with fans, and occasionally even hosts his own radio show to showcase what’s fueling his creativity. Although his fan base is ever growing, his resolve and passion remain unchanged. Arc North makes music for music’s sake, and it’s this mentality that is sure to make him a producer to watch in 2019.

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