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Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen




What Moxie Is To Me.

Growing up, I was a rebel. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't listen in class and I definitely didn't "fit in". Though it never seemed to bother me. I seemed to strive for it. To instinctively go the opposite direction I was being pushed in. Which lead to... time outs, detentions, extreme sports, poor fashion choices, and later on dropping out of college to 'learn my own way'.
Fast forward a Decade, and all I see now are companies wanting to do the same. To 'Stand Out'.
'Break Away'. 'Be Unique'. all in an effort to get noticed. Thing is, these are the same people that used to do everything they could to fit in... they're new to this.
But we're experts at it.

So... I created Moxie.
At it's roots, Moxie is family. I have been lucky enough to meet some extraordinary people in my short life so far, and this has always been a place to channel that. To put these wonderful people into one place and create something truly beautiful.
When you take people from different corners of the earth, different upbringings, different beliefs, Ideals, expectations and you put them together to solve a singular problem. You see something spectacular happen. This meshing of conflicting viewpoints and perspectives creates a gripping level of clarity. A result so simple and unapologetic you have to pay attention to it.

Moxie is this unobtainable idea to me, this continuously growing culmination of our life experiences, friendships, ideas, perspectives, and so on. It never stops growing, and learning. It's alive in a way, as people come and go we learn and we see things differently, all adding to our collective ability to solve problems more effectively.

I can't wait to see what it will become, and hope it keeps on going long after me.
In the end, Moxie is me building a place for my friends and fellow 'outliers' to run wild with their ideas, and to channel our skills and unique perspectives into something effective and beautiful.

Welcome to the Revolution!
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